Terah Ege

Terah Caitlin Photography

“Capturing the beauty of the soul in a single moment”

I am a wedding and portrait photographer born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and have found home in San Antonio, TX. Saved by grace. I am a military spouse, a mother, and former exercise physiologist and semi-professional athlete. While photography has been a hobby of mine since 2003, I have been a professional photographer since 2016 but have only recently established myself in San Antonio as a full time photographer in 2021. I specialize in all things “couples” including weddings, engagements, elopements, and portraits. I am still active in the sports community and enjoy hiking, city, and backcountry exploring on a regular basis. I am always ready for an adventure and cannot wait to capture your next memory for you.


Matthew C. Egan

Image Freedom

A California transplant, Matthew moved to Texas in 2009 where he created Image Freedom, the internet marketing company he runs to this day. Matthew is a YouTube Partner and leverages his content creation and community to raise money for puppy and kitten rescues. Marketing allows Matthew to express his creativity in a varied enough way to keep his ADHD happy – one day flying drones to capture video from afar and the next telling stories and capturing moments via photography. Never a dull moment.

Lindsey Daniels

Captured by Linds Photography

Hi! I’m Lindsey!
I pride myself on the little things like being a mama, a wife, and you guessed it, a photographer!
I find myself most in my element when I’m behind the lens creating memories for you all.
I am huge on not stressing and always making light out of any situation.
I love good food, a good beer, and kicking up my feet with friends and family.
I’ve always had a hard time picking favorites! And that goes for everything! Colors, ice cream, and even your photos! I can never narrow it down to just one!
You can find me playing slow pitch softball on Monday nights, listening to a crime documentary while editing on the couch, and exploring nature with my little family.
Oh or trying not to kill my houseplants.
Did I mention chocolate chip cookies are my kryptonite
Do I sound like your jam? I can’t wait to meet you!

Gogmo's Aerial Adventures

Luis Vela Martinez

Luis is a San Antonio native and graduate of the University of the Incarnate Word. His photography journey began with the purchase of a Mavic Mini drone. While he started out at local parks as a hobby he was quickly encouraged to do more – Luis became a fully 107 certified pilot by the FAA. He began filming behind the scenes segments and aerial photos at classic car shows and pinup shoots. As it does, then comes Instagram, and YouTube and more channels to post those creations. Luis made the leap from drone to DSLR, starting with a used camera he bought off a good friend, and he’s been taking pictures a little closer to the ground ever since. Luis is just starting out on his photography journey but he’s enjoying every click along the way.

Violet Trujillo

Violet Photography

Hello, my name is Violet Trujillo, I am the Director of Photography for Helix Media FX & I love to turn real moments into art that lasts forever. I’ve been a portrait photographer for 7+ years. I’m passionate about art and music which play a big part of my creative process and expression. I’m humbled to be a part of this exhibition….:)

Danny Batista Photography

Danny Batista

Danny Batista Photography

Danny Batista is professional photographer based in San Antonio, Texas. Danny specializes in various lighting techniques and styles for use on world-wide photography projects. Danny started his photography career with stylized automotive photography, transitioned into luxury real estate and food photography, and is currently producing creative portraiture for his clients. In conjunction with his photography career, Danny also now travels city to city each week to teach up-and-coming photographers his editing, lighting, and photo techniques.

Adam Robledo on ShutterCraft

Adam Robledo

ShutterCraft Photography

A native of San Antonio, Adam Robledo from ShutterCraft Photography is a published photographer with a passion for urban and portrait photography.

Adam’s photography journey started in May of 2020, a simple hobby became a passion. For him, photography is a unique and limitless creative outlet that allows him explore uncharted territories while still learning new techniques and sharpening current skills. Adam’s photography work consists of architecture, street, landscape, portrait, and maternity photography.

Adam is ecstatic to be apart of the Elevate Exhibition and looks forward to meeting everyone!

Rosey Tones Photography

Maribel Balderas

Rosey Tones Photography

Hi everyone! I am Maribel, owner of Rosey Tones Photography, mommy of 2, married to my highschool sweetheart of 9 years and currently based in San Antonio, Texas! I have been a photographer for 2 years now and I am absolutely loving this journey that I am on. Being able to contribute to the art community has been a surreal experience. I find peace in my craft and I am ecstatic to be able to help others bring their realities to life. I started out doing photography after having my daughter, Mia. She is 3 now and seeing her and my son, Antonio, grow through my lens is priceless. It was through becoming a mother that I was able to find my passion in photography. It helped me slow those precious moments down and work through my postpartum depression and being a mother of 2 under 2. It is my outlet and passion outside and inside of my home, because let’s face it most mothers have thousands of pictures of their kiddos!

Paris Johnson

PJ Photography

Hello, my name is Paris Johnson, and I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am
26 years old and have been living in San Antonio for about a year and half
now. When I moved after I retired from the Navy, I really loved the scenery
here and decided to buy a camera just to take pictures for fun. It started off
as a fun hobby to do as a new resident of the city but overtime I have grown
to love the art of photography, so much that I am pursuing my Bachelor of
Fine Arts in Photography with the Art Institute of San Antonio. I am grateful
for the opportunity to expand my knowledge of photography on an
educational level and am very excited for all that I will learn in this degree
program. I am learning so much and really want to connect and meet with
other creatives in order to expand my expertise and clientele. I really enjoy
portrait style and black and white photography, but I am always open to
learning and perfecting new concepts as well. I am a proud father to a 5-
month baby girl, and she has truly inspired me to keep pursuing my dream as
a photographer.

AmyZing Photos


AmyZing Photos

Howdy! My name is Amy! I’ve lived in San Antonio my whole life, and I’ve been doing photography for 6 years now. I specialize in senior portraits and engagements, but my favorite photos are always the strange ones that happen on a whimsy. I’m always down for a crazy concept shoot! When I’m not taking photos, you’ll find me sipping my fourth cup of coffee for the day and probably following a cat in the parking lot. I believe the world should be looked at with a sense of humor, which is typically how I like to get clients comfortable on camera. If you want an easy-going and friendly environment for your shoots, I’m your girl!

Stella Rose Photography

Trisha Whitworth

Stella Rose Photography

Hi, my name is Trisha and I own Stella Rose Photography and S. R. Boudoir. Over the last three years, my boudoir side of my business has taken off and I know that my retreats called Aphrodite’s Escape are the reason. Ladies love the chance to escape, connect, recharge and reignite their inner goddess. My passion has shifted from photography to empowering women and reminding them that every size, every race, every age, every status, that they are worthy, they are sexy and that they are a force to be reckoned with. My dream is to host these escapes on a national level and to empower the most women that I can throughout my career, my two little ones included.

Jaclyn Horton

Jaclyn Rena Photography

Jaclyn moved to San Antonio in 2002 and has been here ever since. A graduate of Texas A&M University with her bachelor’s degree in 2017, she will finish her Master’s in Business in Fall of 2021. Jaclyn has been playing with a camera for as long as she can remember, taking the plunge into professional photography in December 2019. She absolutely loves shooting the classic glamour of pinup and the spice behind boudoir, but also enjoys the fun of shooting couples and families. Portrait photography is her superpower granting her the ability to freeze time for that moment.
“We may be on this earth for a short time, but our photos are a physical memory that we were here.” -Jaclyn Rena

Off Path Photos

Margaret Isensee

Off Path Photos

As an artist, I’m very interested in realism. I love using various media in art. Right now I work mostly with photography. I love color but will not resist what black and white does to a piece of art. I love to look at God’s world and what happens during a given period of time. I can appreciate the cliché of a sunset or a beautiful landscape on a calendar just as everyone else, but I have to look closer. I know it’s possible to appreciate a dilapidated barn in an overgrown field. Sometimes it’s important to stop and watch the ant crawling across the sidewalk or to notice the old Victorian gate at the end of a block that may need a little TLC. Or see the light that shines through someone’s wine glass at any given point in time to create a beautiful magenta that can be a masterpiece! And what’s better than that? I can create a story behind it as well. After all, not all stories are written with a computer. Photographers can be storytellers as well. Some are written with paint, thread, or in a camera. I’m using my camera right now to write stories. I’m hoping that it will lead to many other artistic ideas for me to experiment in other media later on. As for now, why don’t you just follow me? Get off of the beaten path of your life. Take a glimpse of what is happening in each piece…just for a moment of your time. I spent most of my life in Marcellus, NY. I received a BA in Art from SUNY Oswego. Here I have studied under some past and present contemporary artists including: Laurie Smith, Matthew Friday, and Donalee Peden Wesley. Under professor Laurie Smith, I studied photography both in black/white and color. Then I moved to San Antonio, Texas, in 2009. During this time I have picked up and expanded my experience with photography by going digital. I am an active member of the Photo SA meetup group in San Antonio. I have continually competed in several of their monthly and yearly competitions, including the Annual San Antonio Photo Tournament. Which I have received some honorable mentions. I am also a member of International Christian Photographers (www.InternationalChristianPhotographers.org).

Just drop by my website: offpathphotos.com. Feel free to leave me a message at support@offpathphotos.com (Margaret Isensee)

Steven Martinez

Steven Martinez

Photography was a skill that I picked up during the height of pandemic while looking for a hobby when I couldn’t see my close friends and relatives as often as I wanted to. Having the ability to hold a camera and create an image that is not based in reality I found fascinating. Mixing the color and light composition of the environment felt like I was digitally painting a perspective I saw through the lens. Over time my skill level grew and I found new angles and editing techniques that I was able to put to use and diversify my portfolio. The majority of my work is done in natural lighting with no external lighting source. In doing so, it forces me to learn and manipulate my environment to my favor in order the capture “the image.” Following this method, I have developed more of an eye in using shadows from the environment to help contour the subject I am photographing; in doing so it has helped me understand the use of shadow play. Photography has been an amazing addition to this artistic journey since I started almost a year and a half ago. I can’t wait to show you more as time flows by.

Ron Castle Photography

Ron Castle

Ron Castle Photography

Ron Castle has been an active member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) as well as the Professional Photographers of San Antonio (PPSA) since 2014. Since then, he’s been a two-time Photographer of the Year for PPSA, and in his very first time entering the PPA International Print Competition in 2015 he earned the coveted “Diamond Photographer of the Year Award” with all 4 of his entries receiving “Loan” status (Best of the Best). He was one of only 20 photographers that year out of the more than 2,000 entrants who qualified for this prestigious award. With the PPA merits awarded for his entries in 2015 and merits from 2016’s competition, Ron earned his PPA Master Photographer Degree in the shortest time possible. He’s also a PPA Certified Professional Photographer and is currently working on his Master Artist Degree. In addition to doing his personal work, Ron operates a full-time architectural photography business in Del Rio, Texas. He’s done work for a number of real estate professionals in Texas as well as commercial accounts like Ten-X, CVS Pharmacy, and Texas Farm & Ranch Magazine. One of his photos made the cover of Texas Farm & Ranch in 2017. Ron was recently featured in an article in the July/August 2021 edition of “The Photographer” magazine which is the official publication of the Texas Professional Photographers Assn, and one of his real estate photos was on the cover. In addition to his architectural work, Ron sells fine art prints and offers stock licenses of his personal work on his website, www.PhotosOfTheWest.com His architectural business is represented on a separate website, www.RonCastlePhotos.com

Link to “The Photographer” magazine article: https://thephotographeronline.com/on-the-cover/on-the-cover-ron-castle/

Landers Photography

Jim Landers

Landers Photography

After graduating with a BS in Photography in 1991, I became a full-time photographer. My experience includes over 300 Weddings, over 100,000 portraits, including political notables such as every San Antonio Mayor since Cisneros, three Texas Governors, Two US Presidents, Senators, Representatives, Ambassadors from foreign nations. In the sports world: Two NFL team owners, NFL players, NBA players, and Olympic Gold medalists.

In 1999, my wife and I photographed the first Wedding that was planned 100% online, dubbed the “Trans-Atlantic Wedding” -Kodak used our work to advertise their films. I have photographed TV stars, one Hollywood director, CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, over 100 magazine covers, and I have one photograph in the Smithsonian Institution. While I enjoyed every moment, my favorite thing is to help other photographers reach their dreams: So far over 4000 students have taken my classes.

I own Landers Photography School, I’m the organizer of Photo SA camera club, organizer of the Annual San Antonio Photo Tournament, host two shows: “Portrait Profits” and “Photo Tips Monthly”, I have donated private classes to over 500 photographers, from 2015-2019 I served on the Tricentennial board, and I am proud to serve on the board of Elevate Exhibition.

Ricky B Castillo

Ricky B. Castillo

Ricky B Castillo

My name is Ricky B. Castillo of www.worldfamousrickyb.com (work in progress.) I have been shooting photos since the late 1970’s. My best friend in high school introduced me to photography and I have never looked back. For a number of years, I was the official photographer for the National Council of La Raza.

Since retiring earlier this year, I have decided to pursue my passion of photography on a professional level.

I enjoy shooting everything and everyone, but if I had to choose I would choose photographing people. I find people extremely interesting and different from one another. No two persons are the same.

I have been married to Olga for the last 31 years. I have 3 adult sons that I am very proud of and one vivacious granddaughter who keeps me on my toes. She is often the subject of my photos.

My photos were taken with various Cannon cameras. My new favorite is the R5.

My motto is, “Have Fun!” If we are NOT having fun during a photoshoot, I’m doing something wrong.

Stephen Rose Portraits

Stephen Rose

Stephan Rose Portraits

Stephen Rose is a Fine Art Portrait Artist in the Boerne and San Antonio area specializing in Family and Children portraits. Stephen’s style of photography is a culmination of a lifetime of photography from his first film camera given to him by his grandfather through his present day as a professional photographer. In his childhood years he was the designated family photographer and grew to love taking pictures of his brothers, sisters and his parents. When he graduated from college, he joined the Air Force and became a Fighter Pilot for 10 years. He then transitioned to the civilian side of flying as a commercial pilot and recently retired from Delta Airlines. Throughout his aviation career he continued with his love of photography and took pictures all over the world. If he wasn’t flying he was practicing his craft of photography. During the last few years Stephen has been honing his skills in various lighting techniques using strobe flash for both indoor and outdoor portraits, and working tirelessly on his Fine Art computer editing. These skills have resulted in his unique style of Fine Art Portraiture that represents him today.

Miguel Caldera Photography

Miguel Caldera

Miguel Caldera Photography

Back in the ’80s, while Miguel Caldera was in high school, he caught the photography bug, and it got him good. He started photographing for the school newspaper in his sophomore year, and by his senior year, was the head photographer for both the newspaper and the yearbook. He even did a darkroom-only composite for the cover page of his yearbook.

Much later, Miguel has returned to photography, after a lot of other stuff. He is starting over again in the digital world while keeping what he learned from the days of film with 36 exposures at a time.

Miguel goes for the unique views of what we all often see. Yes, this can mean laying on the ground to get that perfect angle, but it’s the view that not everybody gets to see.

Portraits are Miguel’s passion, but he shoots a wide range of subjects. To continue to the view that many don’t see, macro photography is a favorite genre. Little bugs made gigantic are scary, so he shoots flowers and plants. When he isn’t fulfilling his passion by pushing the shutter, he’s clicking the keys, helping others with one of the largest local photography groups around. He’s the lead administrator and tries to help up-and-coming photographers however he can.